The new wedding book

We love photo books and we think you should too.


Like photos captured on film - which shouldn't be left as a negative - digital photos shouldn't just end up as a file on your computer. Photos need to be tangible. That doesn't mean that it always has to be this precious thing, it could be something small which you could always carry around with you. That's why we started printing 6x8 inch softcover photo books from Artifact Uprising, whilst creating our own templates and designs. 


The meaning of marriage

Reni's Project Announcement: Looking for married couples of all ages to participate in my personal portrait project.


What does marriage mean to you?

A question I'm going to investigate by photographing married couples. Classic portraits, photographed on black and white film using my Hasselblad. 

Costs: R500.00 excl. travel costs.

Please contact me on for all the details.


Here are a couple of photographs I've taken in the past years. Not with the project in mind, but to give you an idea.