Alexandra & James: Preview

Lately, we've been thinking about why we do what we do. What kind of service we provide. Yes, we take photographs, but what we really do is making a connection with people, with a moment. A single click and in a split second we've captured a piece of history, a moment already gone. We're helping people remember this most wondrous day with capturing unexpected details where the beauty speaks for itself. And when people open up to us and make that connection the photos will be elevated. 

"As the miles roll by we dream, we remember, we stop to fix punctures, we stop for photographs, we stop to smell the wildflowers, all to help us remember the adventures one day when we are old. We have walked, we run, and have even had to carry our bike ... but also each other."

~ Alexandra, December 16 during her speech, referencing their European cycle tour.

We're available in Europe in the summer, get in touch!