Florent & Magali: Arles, France

Swallows floating through the sky and a breeze of warm air comes from the window. The smell of lavender, soap, hot baguettes with jam mixed with the warmth. Kids playing ball games outside on the small streets, the sound of a bike unlocking and french chatter on the phone. Down the winding road you go, on your way to find some croissants for breakfast. Bright yellow window panes with a dark brown curtain, it isn't much from the outside but you follow your nose. A little old lady stands at the end of her small shop. The shop as big as a living room with just enough space for a couch and a television. She wears a floral apron and has a welcoming smile. You know you're at the right place. France, a country where they know their food, but most of all they know how to enjoy it and with whom to enjoy it with. Family and friends together with wine, baguettes and cheese go together like the dark sky and the bright stars. It's just wonderful.

Being able to get a glimpse of Florent and Magali's family, and to really, really experience the french culture from up close was amazing to see.
No fuzz, but living in the moment and enjoying each others company. Thank you Florent and Magali for showing us how it's done.

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