Hester and Peter: Karoo, South Africa

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A Karoo Wedding Festival starts with a Dutch bride and a South African groom. Followed by their guests from all over the globe, whom are housed in tents. A savoury breakfast with eggs and bacon, topped up by a sweet breakfast of ontbijtkoek and pindakaas met hagelslag. Yoga to follow.

When everyone is dressed a bakkie is waiting. Everyone gets escorted across the sheep farm, over the dirt road and the last hill needs to be conquered by foot. What a view.

This is Africa.

Tears, laughter, kisses and hugs - and a beer after. It's hot out there.

Now let's see what the sunset brings today. Nothing out of the ordinary, the Karoo puts on a big show.

For dinner we braai and gesels and when the stars come out the DJ shines. Dutch and South Africans make for a splendid party.

And that's how it all happened in the middle of South Africa - in the middle of nowhere - on  a hot Saturday in January.


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