Katrin and Matthew: Cape Town

A while back we were browsing around town when we stumbled upon this great illustration in a jewelry boutique. We were both immediately drawn to the work and had to know more about the artist. We looked up her website and were sold. Loved all her work. We left it at that.
Then a couple of months ago we got this amazing email saying: "We never loved wedding photography until we saw your pictures... congratulations on beautiful work."
The email was signed off by Matthew Prins and Katrin Coetzer, a name that we remembered instantly from a while back, when we were browsing around town. It's just amazing how things come together.
Also have a look at Matthew's website, he created the colourful ties that you can see in this blog post.

Katrin and Matthew had this amazing idea to throw a little street party at their wedding. We loved how they took the concept of a wedding and made it their own.

Enjoy the photographs. We really enjoyed capturing them.

The Pretty Blog and Whiter than White Weddings also featured this wedding.

Katrin - Matthew_338_800.jpg

June 26 2017: Update

Matthew and Katrin also participated in Reni's ongoing portraits project On Love: The meaning of marriage. If you like to know what they had to say please have a look here.