Portrait: Alexia and Theo

What about the portrait?


A while back we decided to stop doing 'engagement shoots'. It felt too out of context [from a wedding] or unnatural to us. Looking for a pretty location and popping people into the frame to make a romantic or dramatic shot with the sun going down. It was just not us. 

Then some months ago Deon's mom moved and with that all the picture frames came out of the box. We found a beautiful portrait of Deon's grandfather Jimmy. A handsome man and posing full of confidence, looking straight into the camera with a twinkle in his eye. That was the moment when we realized that that was what we were missing. A natural portrait.  

We're not married ourselves, but if - or when we do that's what we want to look back on; a beautiful timeless portrait of the two of us. We've already started to focus more on the portrait whilst doing couple sessions during weddings.

I'm already loving this approach, but weddings pass by so quickly and there is often not that much time for a photo session. I wanted to dive in it deeper, but slow it down somehow. So I decided to start photographing our friends. Only using my medium format camera, with a roll of black and white film that includes 12 frames. With so few pictures available, you really have to wait for that split second when everything comes together. It felt great to take time and to able to capture our friends in a natural way.

It's actually a little personal art project for me, but I do take commissions if you would like to have your portrait taken. I will shoot 12 frames of black and white film and only shoot in the comfort of your own home. Send us an email if you would like to get more information.

Below you can see a preview of the first portrait shoot I did with our friends Alexia and Theo with their baby girl Isa.