Vivian Maier

Let's start our inspiration board with Vivian Maier. This because is the latest photographer added to our list of favourites. Not because we only found out about her now, but because the whole world just found out about her recently.

If you haven't heard about Vivian Maier yet, than we strongly recommend watching the documentary about the discovery of her work. See a preview here. Only after her dead her work became public and she is now labeled as one of the best US street photographers of the 20th century.

She started working as a nanny and took her camera everywhere she went. Her photographs are so intriguing because it feels like she's not 'interfering' with her surroundings. She just tries to get as close to her subject as possible.

To view more of her work, please visit the website here.


Our inspiration board

Reni studied documentary photography at the University of Arts Utrecht, in The Netherlands. And because of that we draw most of our inspiration from documentary photographers. We've always collected photography books and pinned interesting images on our Pinterest wall, but it felt like we needed one spot where we can put all our 'research' together. So this is it, just a section of our website where we focus on non wedding related photographers who inspire us. It's actually something we do for ourselves, but if you are interested, we do hope you enjoy our posts too.