Rio de Janeiro — Maria-Luiza & Paulo

A wedding too difficult to describe in words. It would be done better in feelings, or colours or music.  So see here the song [translated from portuguese] which Luiza's father composed for her when she was a young girl - and was played during their ceremony in remembrance.

Street, A naked sword
In the
sky a huge yellow moon, So round, is drifting,
As if floating, Sailing the blue of the firmament
And in the slow silence, A troubadour, full of stars
Is now listening to the song I made, To forget you Luiza
I'm just a poor amateur, Passionate
An apprentice of your love, Wake up my love
For I know that underneath that snow lives a heart
Come here, Luiza, Give me your hand
Your desire is always my desire, Come, exorcise me
Give me your mouth, And the lunatic rose
Come give me a kiss, And a ray of sunshine
In your hair, Like that of a diamond that, splitting the light,
Explodes in seven
colors, Thus revealing the seven thousand loves
That I've kept only to give them to you Luiza