Season 16/17

One day before I turned 28, on January 17th, 2015 I had the idea to travel for a year. An opportunity to break away from our routine, to explore and venture. One year and three months later we embarked on our trip, to cycle tour through Japan, meet my family in The Netherlands, hike some big mountains with my dad and brother in Switzerland, cycle around the whole of Scotland and the middle part of New Zealand and eventually see Deon’s twin brother and his family in Australia.
On January 17th, 2017, exactly two years after the idea came to me, our travels ended. 
One year ago today, we landed in Scotland to start our big loop around the country and today we have just moved into our new little home in Scarborough, a tiny village on the edge of the Cape Point reserve.
What I want to say is that time moves fast. It seems like yesterday that I was picturing myself in Japan but it seems like forever that we were actually cycling along the peaks of
Hokkaido. Funny how memory works.

While cycling things become clear. Being able to distance yourself from your own life and habits, and having all the time in the world to think is a freeing experience. I mainly thought about family, community and keeping life simple, things you sometimes forget or take for granted when you living a busy life.
During our travels, we did shoot a wedding here and there, but after we came back to South Africa we met Sophie and Leila and photographed their wedding in Franschhoek, we had a great conversation about marriage and to Sophie ‘marriage is family’. It made total sense to me, to us. 
So this last year our focus has shifted more towards family, the celebration of becoming family. The connection between people and the communal wonderful life that happens during a wedding. Because the ones you love are like family – and time moves fast and memories will be forgotten – and sometimes we just forget what is deeply important to us. 
As a result, this is a little tribute to last year, where meaningful times were spent together.
~ Reni